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Vinyasa classes at Yoga Palace


Vinyasa is intelligently designed sequences of poses (asana) woven with creativity that draws on the breath as the primary source of support. Yoga Palace offers three levels with both English and a Sanskrit level translation. As yogis, we hear EKA, DWI & TRI spoken throughout our practices. Reading the words helps reinforce the language recognition and usage. EKA, DWI & TRI is as easy as one, two, three.

Basic yoga - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


Level 1 – The fundamentals of alignment, breath and flow are the focus. Level 1 does not mean easy; be prepared to work hard and have fun. This class is geared for students as a building block from INTRO Series, students with fundamental pose knowledge, or days when a lighter practice is needed.

Mixed levels - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


Level 2 – Breath and movement is synchronized to build heat, strength, flexibility, and stamina. Students will be exposed to stronger flow sequences and begin learning more advanced poses. Modifications are offered to bridge the overlap between levels. Ideal transition from level 1.

Intermediate Yoga - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


Level 3 – A vigorous practice informed by sound alignment, exploring a range of poses, including; standing, hand & arm balances, inversions, back-bends and forward bends. Come ready to focus and glisten. A class for students wanting to explore or deepen their practice. This is an intermediate level class. We suggest at least one year of yoga experience.

Yin yoga - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


A restorative yoga class, Yin is a quiet & calm practice intended to stretch and open the body’s connective tissue and promote deep relaxation. By passively surrendering into gravity and releasing through low, grounded postures held for several minutes at a time, we receive a deeper opening. Meditative & nurturing, Yin is intended to complement the more muscular (yang) styles yoga. Yin may be the key to deeper flexibility and is ideal for runners & others with tight muscles. Yin is a wonderful way to calm the mind and unwind from the day.

Intro to yoga - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


A continually rotating 6-week course, INTRO series. The series will cover fundamentals of pose form and breathing. Class meets once a week and each class builds on the previous session. Committing to the entire series is recommended. INTRO series is set in a comfortable environment where new students can learn with other beginners. INTRO class is also a good refresher course for yogis reestablishing a practice.

Sun up yoga - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


6am-Where are you at 6am? Jump out of bed and head to the Yoga Palace for your 6AM mixed levels yoga class Wednesday & Friday. This class is only ONE-hour long! You can get on your mat for a robust morning practice and be back home in time for school or work.

ACRO Series at Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA



Grab a partner and head to Yoga Palace on 3 consecutive Friday evenings for 3 mini workshops on ACRO Yoga with Tim Seiwerath. Revisit the childlike and simple joy of lifting your feet off the ground and taking flight! Tim will teach safe base and flying techniques over the 3 sessions. Don’t’ have a partner? No worries, come anyway and share a base partner or base for someone else. Suitable for beginners and first-time flyers. Check schedule for dates.

Sunday community yoga - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


Community class at 5:30pm Sunday evening. Same great instruction. Same great class. Now only $5. drop-in with a 5-spot or use a class card. It’s easy. Come take a class at Yoga Palace and experience a real deal. You won’t want to practice any place else. ALL levels.

21 day challenge yoga - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


Breath, Practice, Repeat

Take the Fall challenge and commit to 21 days of practice.  Revisit your yoga mat every day for three weeks and watch how your practice,  state of mind, and energy, change and grow on a daily basis.  Discover the power of diving into quiet concentration linked with movement and breath and practice the art of resetting the overstimulated or stressed mind.  Replenishing the body with motion and meditation will lead to healthier life perspectives.  This is a chance to embrace happiness & wellness.  Join us and let the transformation begin! View flyer for more information.

Vinyasa classes at Yoga Palace


Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a state of consciousness between waking and sleep. A state where the body is completely relaxed and you become more aware of your internal world. Quiet and hypnotic, wonderfully therapeutic. The Nidra guide will use ambient music and candlelight  to lull students into a remarkably relaxed & altered state. View flyer for more information.

Basic yoga - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


The first sequence of set poses from Ashtanga yoga builds a dynamic practice by synchronizing breath and movement to generate internal heat. Ashtanga yoga, with its many vinyasas, is great for building core strength and toning the body.  Extra emphasis on drishti, bandhas, and ujjayi pranayma. Prepare to sweat as you briskly move through a challenging class that develops a foundational understanding of the traditional Ashtanga yoga practice. Ashtanga Yoga was founded by K. Pattabhi Jois. Download the class flyer

Mixed levels - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


Welcome to an extended Yin session. Spend 90 minutes surrounded by live music and candlelight diving  into a deep and inner practice and allowing ourselves and our bodies to be still and present. The stillness allows the body to drop into the parasympathetic nervous system and give way to deep healing. Therapeutic adjustments with essential oils will also be offered. Class will end with a musical sound bath allowing students to fully absorb the nourishing practice. View flyer for more information.

Rocket Yoga - Keep it moving


Keep it moving!
Andre Harris will be leading you through a fast paced class to build heat, strength and flexibility. This class is full of upper body strengthening with inversions, arm balances, back bending, and spinal twists to invigorate and awaken the nervous system. Movement is coordinated with breath through a repeating series of flowing postures followed by longer holds of static postures. This is a Rocket Flow Yoga Class, which draws on a set sequence of postures designed by Larry Schultz and derived from Ashtanga yoga. Very playful, strengthening and athletic. Rocket Yoga is accessible to those with previous experience in Ashtanga Yoga, intermediate/advanced level Vinyasa practice, or anyone who desires a challenging class. 90-minutes.

Guest teachers for yoga - Yoga Palace, Tacoma, WA


Our community is alive with amazing teachers who are not available to us on a weekly or monthly basis. In an effort to keep learning and bring fresh & fun experiences, we created a guest teacher class that will appear on the schedule when opportunities arise. We will be inviting in the teachers of our own Yoga Palace teachers and special guests through yoga friendships. In the past, we have enjoyed Kenny Landis co-owner of YogaLab Northwest, who coordinates international trainers to travel to Seattle and teach for special events. Our sights are set on more special guests for the future.

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