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Eva Burns, RYT-200

I started my yoga journey years ago. In the beginning I couldn’t even touch my toes. I felt awkward in just about every pose. I didn’t really know what I was getting into, but I felt an immediate connection to the practice. The physical benefits were apparent right away. Overall I felt stronger and leaner. The real surprise though, was that I became more focused mentally. Even if I was in a terrible mood, I always left yoga class feeling powerful, calm and full of energy. I became hooked.

Teaching is a very meditative experience for me. I leave teaching a class the same way I leave taking a class; feeling powerful, calm and full of energy. I love yoga, and love sharing that with others. I strive to make my classes lighthearted while guiding each student’s practice further. I want my students to feel comfortable putting their own stamp and flare on their practice. It doesn’t need to look exactly like mine or the person next to them. One of my favorite parts of teaching is connecting with my students and watching their practices take off. My classes are infused with energy, and I don’t want anyone to take themselves too seriously!

Eva is currently expanding her teaching skills & studying for the next certification level at 500-RYT.

Yoga Teacher - Eva Burns