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Jenny Schmitz, RYT-200

I’m a wife, mom, reader, tennis player, boater, former gymnast, animal lover, and yogini. I fell in love with yoga when I discovered “Bikram” in 1997. I didn’t know there were other physical styles or traditions to explore besides what felt like stretching class, so I stuck with Bikram for quite a while. Eventually I became restless, which all changed when I landed in Sherry Williams Intro to Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow series in 2006. My passion was officially re-ignited. I was drawn to the calming, centering, introspective and grounding aspects of yoga that I had not yet experienced. I began to feel yoga’s benefits not just in my body but in my mind. I learned to get out of my head, so to speak, and simply move with my breath. Fast forward three kids and a successful summit of Mt. Rainier after which I asked myself the question, “what else can I do that I thought I couldn’t?” – so in 2012 I became a yoga teacher, trained in the Baptise style at BeLuminous Yoga in Seattle. I will always be a student of yoga. I also have a Masters degree in elementary education, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in French Literature and Psychology.

Yoga Teacher - Jenny Schmitz