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Shawnda O’Briant-Noone, RYT-200

Shawnda continuously explores the intrinsic flow of energy that is present in all parts of life, and her practice on the mat emanates the same playful curiosity. A continuous exploration of discovery that allows her to feel into the depths of each sensation.

In her early twenties she began her journey of exploration of self through mediation and shortly after she was re-introduced to the asana practice. Only wanting to deepen her practice, Shawnda ventured to Bali where she received her 200 RYT Certification under the guidance of Meghan Currie. Not too long after she began to explore her teaching journey. This then introduced her to the teachings of Reanna Costa, whom she received her Yin & Chakra certification from in late 2015. In between these times she also stumbled across various energy work and was introduced to Reiki. This form of energy work and the connection to the chakras resonated with her so much that she soon began her path as a Reiki Practitioner with Jessica Campbell in 2014.

During her classes, Shawnda loves to combine her passion for words, the beauty of the breath, and the intrinsic energy that flows within to create imagery and sensations that have the potential to bring you into the depths of your body and the corners of your mind that you may have yet to explore. Each movement is infused with the rhythms of the breath so we can begin to create integrated and fluid movements that unravel as a moving meditation. Giving you space to play in each movement and explore the openings of energy as they come through in your own unique experience.

Outside of yoga Shawnda can be found reading, writing, playing in nature or on road trips, napping with her pups, or hanging with her loved ones.

Follow Shawnda’s journey through Instagram @shawndaobriantnoone or visit her website to connect with her further and stay up to date on her current happenings and workshops.

Upcoming Happenings :
Shawnda will be assisting Reanna Costa at her Yin & Chakra Training in November and December of 2016.

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Yoga Teacher - Shawanda O'Briant-Noone